Does Pop Music Matter?


Maya the Marvelous , Reporter

Today, there are so many pop songs that seem to be really superficial and have no meaning. So my question for you guys is, does pop music really matter? In the past, songs were a way to escape from reality, pain, or any suffering/emotion. Now most popular pop songs are how they celebrate the amount of money they have, how successful they are, and how pretty/handsome they are.

Music also goes way back in history so it’s one way to go back to our rituals or embracing joyful moments from the far past. Many musical programs are not featured in schools. Most schools are sadly willing to cut music out. But why? If music were so important to history, why are we willing to discard it? Maybe it’s because of how our music these days (such as pop) doesn’t have as much meaning. So when it comes to music does its value come from its lyrics/melody or how it makes you feel? Does it make you feel inspired or happy or maybe pop doesn’t have an effect on you because you don’t take the time to comprehend what it values?

In my class, I asked everybody does pop music matter and the majority said no because most pop songs have no meaning, but some said yes because they liked the melody of pop music. So did my question whether pop music means anything mean anything to you or do you disagree with me and think pop music IS important?

Please tell me how you feel in the comments section below. Thank you so much for reading this and have a great day.


Ariana Grande
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