Are there Real Cougars at Cushman?

Genuine Grace, Reporter

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Hey Cougars!

Although there is a need to worry about any raging cats roaming our school campus, there are a number of other interesting animals that call Cushman home. Below are a few.

The Eastern Grey Squirrel

This friendly squirrel can be found all around our campus, especially in hiding spots in the trees and bushes. After thorough observations on these animals, we have concluded that they are very protective animals over there food and territories. They bury their acorns and chase other squirrels to protect their stretch of land. Don’t be scared if you see them running across the playground, but try to keep your distance from the area that they call home.

Mocking Bird

Mocking Birds live all over our campus in trees and plants in the area. Although they usually stay alone, they are often found in pairs. According to American Expedition, they are mostly known for their voice. Male Mocking birds can learn up to 200 songs. In the wild, these birds can live up to eight years. While on campus, listen to the chirps from the trees, and you might just be able to track one down.

The Brown Anole

The Brown Anole lives all over our campus, from the steady ground to the flowing trees. Like most of the lizards in its group, it can change colors; in this case from brown to black. Another cool fact about this lizard is that it can detach its tail. Whenever its being chased or needs to get away, it will release a large part of its tail to release the grasp of its captor.








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