The Cushman Art Walk


Ella Barnett, Reporter

Hey Cougars!  We all have fun choosing our electives with our friends am I right? But how much fun is it looking at all cool crafts and presentations these electives have accomplished. The kids from these electives have worked so hard on what they presented. Art Portfolio had some cool paintings and I even got to talk to Ms. Duffy and she told me some fun things about her elective. For Example: Ms. Duffy taught her class how to sketch and draw realistically just by looking at the object. She also taught her class the importance of Art which to Ms. Duffy means “the ability to look at life and nature in one’s own perspective” I think that Ms. Duffy did an amazing job with her elective and the purpose of it.

Another elective that I think did a really good job preforming in the Art Walk was the Guitar Elective! This elective teaches students the basics of the guitar and how to play some of your favorite songs! In the Art Walk the children preformed Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes (a classic), Riptide by Vance Joy(this song is super catchy) and Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones( this one is an oldy but still lives on in the world of rock n’ roll) These songs were hits and the audience loved how they performed them. All these electives were great and showed all the children’s  achievements throughout the first semester and I am super curious and excited as to what these electives are going to show us in the next Art Walk.


Have a nice day Cougars!!!!


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