Grateful For Gratitude


Jasmin Rossi , News Reporter

Gratitude. It’s a word that many don’t appreciate, because, it seems most of us don’t appreciate anything. We’re not grateful. We take so much for granted: food, water, shelter, family and even our health. But it’s not only that. We also take happiness for granted. And that is wrong.

There are people starving, children without parents, people living on the streets, and others unable to afford medicine or a doctor. What is this? It’s cruelty. And, it just seems to be getting worse and worse. How is it possible to pass a suffering person without feeling something heavy on your heart? Well, it’s not possible. Because everyone, and I repeat, everyone has a heart. Whether they show it or not. It’s impossible for someone not to experience sadness. So, why do people not care, why? May I remind us all that we live in 2019? There is so much a person can do to help. Even walking by someone, and smiling, can make them feel grateful, happy! For example, there are a lot of people in Miami that are homeless, and probably, all they really want is to be treated as a human. They just want to be treated like they are part of our society, because they are!

Being grateful is not having all the money in the world, because money can’t buy happiness or gratitude. Gratitude is something you experience, and something that becomes stronger throughout your life. A feeling you possess, and one that can make all the difference in your own happiness. Be grateful, very grateful. Because we have everything, while some have nothing. Choose to be more grateful, it will make you happier. Think about it.