Dear Cushy Cougar…

Maya the Marvelous, Reporter

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Dear Cougars,

Have you ever been in an argument with a friend or need some advice about a situation? Well, you can talk to Cushy Cougar. Cushy Cougar is a reliable friend who can help someone in need of advice or any help. If your having a hard time going through something and don’t have someone to talk to, Cushy Cougar will be more than happy to help. Cushy Cougar will never criticize or make fun of your questions so don’t be afraid to ask anything.

If you want to talk to Cushy Cougar you can just write a letter about your concern for and put it in The Cushy Box where only Cushy Cougar will read it. You’ll get a response within a few days. The Cushy Box can be found in Mr. Perez’s room (M16) or at the front sign-in tables. Make sure to add a name so Cushy Cougar can respond. You can even make up a name like Mr. Pinkpants! Be creative and have fun with it. You will receive your response in the Chronicle, so make sure to check back.

So, remember, if you have a problem, it’s as easy as writing a letter and receiving some Cushy advice.

Go for it!