Niclolas Maduro Burns Humanitarian Aid

Niclolas Maduro Burns Humanitarian Aid

Marcos, Sports Editor

Nicolas Maduro is the 46th president of Venezuela. He has consolidated enough power to become a dictator and has made a deadly decision. He has made a decision that will cost Venezuelan lives.

Three days ago, Maduro ordered his troops to burn several trucks loaded with humanitarian aid from the United States and Columbia. The trucks all contained food, medicines, and hygienical supplies. If you do not know yet, Venezuelans are in great need. They need other countries to help. But, it is hard to help because we can’t get the supplies past Maduro. Why?

He obviously does not want us helping. Instead, he would rather let Venezuelans starve. Is it because he doesn’t want help from the United States? Or, is it because he can’t admit that his economic plans have failed. Either way, the ones suffering the most are Venezuelans. So now, people worry that Venezuela may end up like Cuba.

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