The Living Museum- American History Remembered Through the 6th Grade

Alexis Animation, Reporter

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Good Morning, Day, Afternoon, Evening or Night Cougars! As you may know on Friday, February 15th, 2019 the 6th Grade presented our 6th Grade Oratory, “The Living Museum”. From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln and Sally Ride, many historical characters were present. We all worked hard to make the performance happen, together. The costumes, tri-boards, presentation, etc. were amazing!

The timeline of America has so many historical figures remembered for what they did for our nation. We are all Americans and share an amazing history. It is important to help our School, County, City, State, Country, and world remember what so many important people in our past did for us, by following their own dreams. What our people did to change America, and the world. We all enjoyed presenting some of the amazing historical figures to you that have been remembered through history. Here are some of the Journalists that played some of the historical figures:

Betsy Ross played by Luna Molla

Alexander Gram Bell played by Ella Barnett

Eliza Schuyler played by Noelia Siu

Sacajawea played by Alexis Carroll (Me)

Sally Ride played by Jasmine Rossi

Pocahontas played by Maia Marcoschamer

Susan .B. Anthony played by Maya Tafur


We hope you enjoyed our performance! Thank you for reading!