Spring Play Preview Of Annie!


Adorable Ava, Reporter

“It’s a hard knock life!” The amazing tradition of the Spring Play this year will continue with “Annie.”  Every year Cushman puts on a magnificent musical production under the guidance of Mrs. Woods and Mrs. Herbert. This year “the sun will come out” on Wednesday May 15 and on Thursday May 16 at Barry University. We are so excited to see the 5th grade class and the 1st through 4th grade in this amazing production of Annie. Come along as we get ready to see this amazing cast as they bring Annie to life…

Cast List:


Annie: Alice Mocci, Isa Sacerdote

Molly: Lina Febres

Pepper: Micha Marciano

Duffy – Andrea Martinez

Kate – Angelina Feliz

Tessie – Kate Tessler

July – Addison Runzheimer

Sunny – Olivia Oxenberg

Nattie – Penny Lopez

Felicia- Lola Negrete

Kitty- Aiko Mondragon

Peggy- Mei Martinez


The Boylan Sisters: Sasha Belov-Khata, Ashley Rojas, Bella Olson

Miss Hannigan – Sydney Rodriguez, Abby Pollack

Bundles McCloskey- Tomasso Nesta

Mr. Pom- Abraham Kassin

Mr. Bow- Simon Munera

Mr. Wow- Dillon Rodriguez

Sandy (the dog)- Lorenzo Kauffman

Jaque: (the stray dog) – Jullian Oxenberg

Lieutenant. Ward of the NYPD- Tejas Chatani

Sergeants – Brad Flick, Lincoln Bazail, Bodhi Barrato, Luis Ortega, Lucas Reshuan,

Manu Gonzalez, Charlie Boland, Mekhi Bradley

Grace Farrell – London Roth, Natu Kratzovisky

Drake- Luke Para

Cecile- Stella Colombo

Annette- Lily Schulberg

Mrs. Greer- Tessa Cox

Mr. Pugh- Nicolas Bond

Mr. Spade- Alejandro Arias

Mr. Auto – Evan Resnick

Oliver Warbucks- Christian Paredes, Cameron Hedge

Usher- Luciano Cachuoa

Rooster Hannigan – Rauli Matos

Lily St. Regis – Alexis Adler

Sound Effects Men- Jacob Wolfson, Brandon Cooke

Bert Healy- Santiago Fuisz

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt- Jonas Janzon

Louis Howe- Sebastian Sora



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