A Day in the Life of Mr. Sly

Noelia The Singer, Reporter

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Do you know all the teachers here at Cushman? Who is Mr. Sly? Well we are going to find out! Today, we are going to be interviewing a teacher assistant here at the Cushman Middle School. We interviewed him about his life here at the Cushman School and his past. His name is Mr. Sly! Come on let’s go!!!

Mr. Sly is an incredible teacher here in the Cushman Middle School whose family was born in Jamaica. He was born in Miami, Florida at Jackson Hospital. As a kid, Mr. Sly went to elementary and middle school at St. Rose of Lima in Miami Shores. For high school he went to Chaminade, and after that to a college called Charlestown Southern. In school, his favorite class was Science. Now, Mr. Sly shares his love of helping people through physical therapy.  But, there is much more to learn about him. Come on Cougars! Let’s go!!!!!!!

Mr. Sly loves playing baseball, going fishing, and any sport. One of his accomplishments was getting a baseball scholarship. Mr. Sly began with baseball because he wanted to play a sport that neither of his parents were familiar with. His team name in baseball was the Buccaneers. He said that playing on a team is a brotherhood and they always have each other’s back in difficult times. Now, Mr. Sly wants to be a Physical Therapist. “I became a teacher, so I could help others” said Mr. Sly. We are all glad that Mr. Sly is a teacher here in the Cushman Middle School.