Jacob’s thoughts on America

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Jacob’s thoughts on America

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Hey Cougars!

This Tuesday, the Cushman Chronicle crew has had the honor of hosting Jacob Bardin, a fifth grade student coming from Moscow, Russia. While he shadowed Andrey Wiesberg, we took it upon ourselves to use this as an interviewing opportunity. Below are questions and answers from our guest.

Question 1: What is your favorite place in Russia?

Answer 1: “The Moscow Subway, the most beautiful in the world. I also like going to the shopping center and museums.”

Question 2: Do you like the president in Russia, and if not, why?

Answer 2: “Он ворует деньги с казны” Translated to: “He steals money from the treasury.”

Question 3: How did you learn English?

Answer 3: “I started to learn English from my teachers in Russia, once I got to America I continued to learn by speaking outside and taking classes at Kumon.”

Question 4: What do you think about America?

Answer 4: “The people are much nicer here, and that the weather is better.”

Question 5: Was it hard to move to America?

Answer 5: “Flying was not hard, but getting the documents to travel to other countries was difficult.”

We hoped you enjoyed this segment starring Jacob Bardin.

Bye Cougars!



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