Trump: The Good and The Bad


Jalen and Marcos, Reporters

Marcos: Donald Trump has done bad things but he has also done good things as well. He is one of the funniest presidents. People come up with all kinds of insulting names for him. A good thing he has done is keeping out bad people from entering the country. Although some immigrants mean no harm entering or country, others smuggle bad things into our country. Another good thing president Trump did was donating humanitarian aid to Venezuela. Even though it all got burned, it was a good deed of President Trump to do.

Jalen: Donald Trump may be half good but, if you ask me, the other half isn’t as good. I am now showing you what Trump has done that may help you decide if this overtakes the good he has done. Mr. Trump has had voters that voted for him because of his promise to finally build the wall, whether or not it’s a good idea or the best way to control the border. It could also cost a lot of money that we could spend in better ways.

That isn’t all though, Mr. Trump does not share his tax returns and his grades. In fact, Trump had his school grades hidden and had his lawyers threaten the schools if he releases the grades. Also, he shut down the government for 35 days just to get his way. Congress passed a spending bill anyway, but it didn’t include enough money for his wall so he declared a national emergency. That way he could take all the money that he needs. Now states and Congress are trying to take away his power to declare a national emergency and save the money which can be put to better use. So, it could backfire for Trump.

Marcos and Jalen: So, what do you think? Leave us a comment and take our poll. Thanks!


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