What’s Behind Those Freckles, Maia?


Jasmin The Gymnast , News Reporter

Maia is an incredible girl who is also very talented.  She inspires everyone at the Cushman School with her kind smile and positive energy she gives out to both teachers and students. You think you know that sweet girl with a face full of freckles, right? No, actually you don’t. There is way more to sweet Maia than that. Did you know that her biggest goal in life is to help people around the world? Did you know that she would love to live until the day doctors find a cure for cancer and that she speaks three languages and used to use sign language in her early childhood? Maia also used to dance ballet from two years old to eleven years old and became a very good dancer. Born on February 21, 2007, Maia is twelve years old and is in the 6th Grade at the Cushman School. Before Cushman, Maia went to Beth David. Her nine-year-old brother Ben, whom she says is “very annoying” still goes there. Maia says she loves Cushman because it’s a small and loving community, just like her old school. Maia is a very creative girl who enjoys biking and watersports such as tubing. As her mom is Mexican and her dad is Israeli, Maia has seen many different cultures, ways of doing things, and mostly food. “I pay attention to the difference in food,” Maia said. So, naturally, Maia loves food, especially Asian food, Mexican food, and Middle Eastern food. Maia has an adorable miniature poodle mix Bichon Frise whose name is Lulu. She loves taking care of her little Lulu, who is, without doubt, the cutest pup ever. I, for one, can’t wait to see what Maia will bring to our world, and can’t wait to see what an incredible person she becomes. Three Cheers for Maia!