Finals… they’re coming

Genuine Grace, Reporter

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Finals week is just around the corner and is leaving students nervous for the future. With all of the other responsibilities students have, the Cushman Chronicle crew has researched some of the best, and most effective, study tips to prepare our middle schoolers for the tests to come.

  1. Time Management

According to wiki how breaking up your time into smaller parts, by separating each class, is a great way to study. It is best to review your most difficult subjects first, as you will be more focused on them. This method will allow you to not only focus all of your attention on one subject at a time but also will help you comprehend the material.
2.  Stay Organized

Keep your work area clean and take breaks to reorganize your binder. It is important to know where your notes are so that you can work without any interruptions. It’s also a good idea to keep your binders near your workspace to help you remember to put your notes back in.

3. Extra Help

At Cushman, students have a series of opportunities to talk to teachers. Extra help, however, is the best one. At extra help, ask your teachers about tests that are coming up and review over some of your hardest material. Use this time to ask your teachers questions and study for the finals.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that it brings some help for weeks to come. For now, bye cougars!

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