The Truth: Who is Luna Moona?

Nicolas The Knight, News Reporter

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Luna Moona: The girl who brings teachers and students joy day after day. But, although you think you know her, you probably really don’t. Here are a few fun facts about her: When Luna was younger, she feared random shadows in the dark. She also disliked the dentist. Luna’s favorite thing to do is travel. She loves reading books on her free time such as young adult novels, fantasy, and romance. Luna’s favorite subject is History and English. Many of her family members call her Luni or Lulu, but she prefers Lulu. Luna’s favorite color is dark blue. Her best friend is Camila. She also has many favorite authors including J.K. Rowling, Veronica Roth, and Suzanne Collins. She has a cat and a dog. Her cat’s name is Tara and her dog’s name is Milo. Luna is from Argentina, Italy, and Spain, but she was born in Florida. Although you see ‘Luna’ on the ground, she’s always watching from above.


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