Pepsi or Coke?

Genuine Grace, Reporter

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People have been debating whether Coke or Pepsi is the superior soda since 1898, when Pepsi was founded. It is quite obvious that, like many other debates, this soda feud can strike arguments and disputes over brand names, advertisements, taste, and products of the company. During our quest to find the true winner in taste, we asked a series of 16 people what their preference is. From this test, ten people stated that Coke was better than Pepsi. One thought the opposite. And a total of five people found that they tasted the same. The argument towards Pepsi is that it’s too sweet, and leaves an aftertaste. People seem to prefer the overall taste of Coke, rather than the sweeter tasting Pepsi. According to Wideopeneats, it is more likely for people to choose Pepsi over Coke in a taste test, but would rather drink a bottle of Coke instead of a bottle of Pepsi. This is due to the fact that people are more drawn to a sweet taste at first, but enjoy a more savory taste in the long run. I, personally, prefer Coke, although, I enjoy Pepsi as well. The question, however, still stands. Which soft drink is better? That answer will be left up to you. Do you prefer the more savory Coke, or the sweeter Pepsi? Leave your decision in the comments. For now, Bye Cougars!

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