Too Young To Vote, Or Unfair? My Opinion.

Too Young To Vote, Or Unfair? My Opinion.

Jasmin , News Reporter

Is a person younger than eighteen qualified enough to vote? Earlier this month, a Washington DC city councilman proposed what hasn’t been a widely embraced idea in recent years. Lowering the voting age from eighteen to sixteen. While many young people support this idea, should the voting age actually be lowered?

Vote at sixteen? Some would say that’s preposterous, some would say they’re still kids and that allowing them to vote would not be a good idea. The voting age shouldn’t be lowered, some say. But, I don’t agree. In fact, I think it’s completely necessary to do so. Here’s why:

If a person can drive a car at sixteen, work full-time, donate blood, and even register as an organ donor, why couldn’t they vote for a candidate of their choice to become President of their country? A person leading a country can change futures. Right now, young people are the future… One vote could help change a life, depending on good or bad really depends on the variables, like the person or the president. Honestly, a sixteen-year-old is probably smarter than a forty-year-old, not wiser, but probably smarter. Why? Well, genetically, a young brain can process more information, and more quickly. So, if a young person that age can manage high school (and all the information they are processing) as well as all other challenging aspects of their teenage lives, I think that they’re old enough to vote.

Another reason I believe that people voting under 18 is a good idea is because young people proved what a powerful force to change the future they are. They proved this on multiple occasions, for example, after the Parkland shooting. Their contribution to making things right and standing up against school shootings showed us all what brave means. A young person can do many things to change the future, while they are finding out which field they can become a part of and are shaping their own futures. Doesn’t that mean that one vote in one election could change a future?  We’re told that every vote counts, but, if you’re not letting a young person younger than eighteen vote that is going to be just as affected or even more affected by the next President, does it really?

We are so focused on the age factor, that we don’t realize that a person older than 18 might not be qualified enough to vote. Just because a person is younger, doesn’t mean they’re less qualified to vote. I don’t mean that a young child should be able to vote, but I do believe that a sixteen-year-old or a person around that age should be.  I believe that the voting age should be lowered, what do you think? Comment on this article and give me your opinion on the topic! Be brave, be bold, be strong, and show everyone what you’ve got!