Our Lady Is Gone!


Jasmin , News Reporter

It was something that meant more than religion, something that meant more than just a Cathedral. It was something magical, not just a site to see, but more of a place where people could experience something special. It showed you that there were incredible things in the world, there was a feeling that you were not alone. For me, it’s a part of my country melting away, maybe even a small part of me. It’s not cool. La Notre Dame will never be the same. The magic of it gone.

…or is it? Much was lost in the fire but much was also revealed…The French people love their culture, their heritage. There were years of traditions revealed. Sadly, the Notre Dame was slowly going down, even before the fire. Maybe the fire was meant to be, so that the Notre Dame can become even more beautiful, even if it will be different. Even though there were repairs being made, there was never enough money to fully restore it. Now, there is, and I am absolutely positive that Our Lady will become even more beautiful. It’s a new chapter for it, just like there are new chapters in life.

Of course, I feel sad, because, being French, it means something to me. Me, my mother and grandmother, my great-grandmother and great–grandfather and probably even my great-great grandmother and grandfather, we’ve all seen it. Generations of people in that awe-inspiring place that brought us all together. “Nous rebâtirons Notre Dame” “We’ll rebuild our lady (Notre Dame)” President Emmanuel Macron of France said. I’m afraid it’s impossible to build the same incredible Cathedral, but as I said before, I know that the one in the future will be something special.

Seeing one of the most wonderful landmarks in the capital city of a country just burn down in flames is… just sad, but, I, am very lucky. I got to see it, experience it, unlike many people on Earth. The Cathedral itself may have burned, but my memory of it hasn’t. The grandeur, architecture, and antiquity, it just all adds up. It’s astonishing.

The heart of France burned so, I guess you could say the hearts in the people of France and beyond burned. No matter what you believed in, it was magical to all. Maybe one day, La Notre Dame will be a beautiful and inspiring Cathedral, but it will never be the same, ever. All we can do is hope for the Notre Dame and hope that no one got hurt or died in the fire.

But, on the bright side, I am so excited to leave a piece of history, of 2019, for the future. There was a little bit of rain, but I guess you can never have a rainbow without it.