Behind The Scenes at the Spring Play!


Noelia The Singer, Reporter

Do you really know what happens behind the scenes on a play? All the backstage workers and volunteers must work in unison and support the visionary musical theatre teachers, Mrs. Herbert and Mrs. Woods. This year the Spring Play production will be Annie. As an audience you might not realize the amount of work that goes into a flawless production. Weeks of rehearsals at school and then finally at Barry University theatre. The theatre elective students along with many teacher volunteers help backstage.

The coordination and team work that is needed to put on a play that involves the whole elementary division with the 5th graders as the lead stars in no easy feat. Costumes, hair, makeup, sets, mikes, lights, and music must all be in unison and compliment the scene being acted. Barry University theatre has a sophisticated light and sound system. The backstage area has a woman’s and a man’s dressing room. The costumes are hung by scenes and the makeup is applied before the show begins Mr. Cosgrove entertains the actors not on stage with scary stories from this childhood. The actors must make their way onstage at the right time wearing the right costume. Tech support then attaches wireless microphones on the actors right before they go on stage. The volunteers and students use hand held walkie talkies to cue and help get everyone on stage at the right time. Mr. Hamilton oversees the music. He has difficult job of playing the right tunes at the correct time. The light crew, usually theatre students, shine the light on the key actors on stage.

Every opening and closing the curtains at the right time must be coordinated to give backstage workers time to change the set. Wow, who knew? Now you do!



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