Do You Mix Things Up?


Jasmin , News Reporter

Here is a question for all you student readers, and all you adult readers. Do you mix things up? Not as in, mixing yourself up and getting confused or mixing cake batter to make a cake, but socializing with other people. Do you change who you sit with at lunch? Do you talk to different people every day? Do you allow or offer new people to play a game during break? And for adults, do you collaborate with different people, and help strangers when they need it?

Students, you may be in a group of friends that you are always with, but did you know that having a wide variety of friends in a group and hanging out with other people is really healthy? Getting to know new people and finding new perspectives is super important to have a healthy life full of fun. You may even find that you become smarter!

Now adults, if you collaborate with new and interesting people you may do better in your field, because people have different expertise, and theirs may complement to yours, giving you a job well done! I’ve noticed sometimes, personally, that some adults, like children, don’t pay much attention to strangers they meet. Sometimes, it goes against human nature to interact with people they don’t know. Oftentimes because of fear. But the point is that we really should “mix it up,” and it’s not impossible.

Here are some little things you can do to help yourself, and others: Say hello to a person you usually don’t work with or talk to very much and help a classmate you don’t usually help, be a genuine best friend to someone for a day, and you’ll find that you will probably become friends with a brand-new person. And what’s better than having just one best friend? Having many!

Try this challenge and tell me about your experience with it. Leave a comment in the comments section to tell me! Have fun everyone, and become a really good friend to all!