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Luna Molla

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We at the Chronicle are proud to announce the winners of the Cushman Chronicle story competition! The winners were chosen in two categories: elementary school and middle school. Of course, congratulations to all of our finalists, but the winners are Patricio Perezalonso (sixth grade) and Lilly Arvin (fourth grade)! All of the stories were spectacular. Thanks for your submissions… and we hope you enjoy reading them:

Middle School Winner:

The Marionette
by Patricio Perezalonso
The first thing IT saw was a piece of paper. IT could read it and understand what paper was, but didn’t understand its meaning. The paper said, “Ignorance is bliss.” IT will never understand this concept and, if it did, it would think it was a bad idea.
IT slowly looked around its surroundings, but IT couldn’t move its neck because it was stiff. 
IT stood up and saw multiple toys. Some were toy cars. Others, boxes of different sizes. And it knew they had woken up, too. 
A toy car slowly moved toward him and asked what it, the piece of paper, was. So, he explained what it was. Then the car asked, in an eager voice,”What am I?”
IT thought about it and slowly came to the conclusion that it was a wrench with wheels. The toy car believed this as truth. And, everybody else who asked the car what it was also believed it as truth. If you had tried to convince the car that it wasn’t a wrench with wheels it would never have accepted it because it was the truth. And, the truth can’t be wrong. 
All the toys came to a meeting. They argued and turned to IT (who I will now refer to as the Marionette) and thought and pondered about the rules and truth of the world. They agreed on three obvious things. One, the truth is the truth and can never be changed (even if it’s wrong, it’s still the truth). Second, that they are all toys and nothing else existed beneath the platform where they lived. Third, they are living things and have free will. 
The Marionette was commended for coming up with the three truths, and others thought of him as the philosopher of the community. He was tasked with finding out more about the world and the secrets of the platform, And so, he set off to find all the nooks and crannies in the space they called the world. 
As he was looking, in between the platform and the barrier, he found a large object that looked like a brick and said “Visual Dictionary” on its cover. He opened it and turned the pages until he saw the picture of the wrench. He was surprised to see that it was not a car. He thought it might be a joke, or just plain wrong. But, the only way to find out would be to look for a picture of a marionette. If it did look like him, this book would not be wrong. But, if it did not look like him then the truth would not be the truth. 
Part of him didn’t want to open it (the book), but knowing the truth would be more important than what he thought he knew. He believed that no stone should be left unturned, even if it killed him. He slowly looked through the dictionary and found the word Marionette, with a picture of what looked like him. He was scared when he saw himself in the picture with strings coming out of his hands and feet. He got so scared that he closed the book.
Why did the picture show him with strings attached? Was he a puppet? He thought, and slowly realized, the truth could be wrong. He wondered whether he was controlled by something else. His three truths were coming apart and it looked like his world was upside down. He thought about this everyday and got increasingly worried about it. So, he hatched a plan to solve this mystery. 
He came up with the idea to jump off the platform. He thought, maybe he wouldn’t fall because there’d be strings on him to prevent him from falling. If he did fall, he could look up into the heavens while he lay on the ground. He took a step forward, on a leap of faith, when no one was around, to see what might happen. 
Maybe the Marionette should have never opened the book. Maybe he should have thought of another plan. Maybe, if he knew what he would become, he would have thought that ignorance really is bliss. 
The End
Elementary School Winner:
by Lilly Arvin
Once upon a time there were two ducks. One was named Olivia and the other was named Bobby. They were a couple. One day they had a date, but Bobby did not show up! So, Olivia broke up with him. Now, whenever they see each other they always fight. 
Olivia and Bobby’s friend, Leila, invited them to a party on Ducksters Street to swim at the pond. They both said yes. Olivia and Bobby both arrived at the party. Olivia was wearing a Jelly bathing suit and Bobby was wearing a peanut butter bathing suit. They each found out what the other was wearing and they fought for about 20 minutes.
Then, Leila came over and said, “Stop fighting! We are going to have a partners race!” Olivia and Bobby were put together and had to race together to the end of the pond. They raced together so perfectly and so fast that they won the race. They were reminded how much they missed being a couple. 
Olivia told Leila how she felt, and Bobby told her also. So Leila left a note at both Olivia and Bobby’s pond homes saying, “Sorry we always fight. Would you like to go on a date to Duckie’s Restaurant?” They both said yes. 
They each got to the restaurant and said to the other, “Thanks for the note.” “What note?” they both said!
(To Be Continued)
What amazing displays of creativity! Happy summer, Cougars!!
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