Middle School Elections


Maya the Marvelous, Reporter

If you followed the values of courtesy, responsibility, scholarship, and industry you were allowed to run for whatever position for student government. These elections were for all-school president for the 7th grade. The people who ran for all-school president were Lord Toussaint, Lucas Armando, and Finn Zuccarini. They all had to present a speech during flag about why they should be chosen and after their speeches, the middle schoolers would vote who they preferred the most. By the next day, someone would announce who won. That’s how the election process works.

The winner for all-school president was Lord Toussaint. In my opinion, I believe that he had presented a very well written by speech discussing the issues that he can improve. He also mentioned why he would be best fitted for the job. Congrats Lord for working very hard to get elected and for striving to make Cushman its best self.

Lucas Armando
Left: Lucas Armando Middle: Finn Zuccarini Right: Lord Toussaint
Finn Zuccarini
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