TESLA: Masterpiece or Failure?

TESLA is the only car that still in space. Elon Musk made good show.


TESLA is the only car that still in space. Elon Musk made good show.

Iakov Bardin, Editor

TESLA is an electric car that was created by Elon Musk, who also started his own company “SPACE X”. So are the last three TESLA models masterpieces or failures? What do you think?

The cars that run on gasoline can go farther than TESLA and other electric cars, plus they don’t need to fill-up as often as TESLA. But TESLA is “friendlier” to the environment because it’s an ELECTRIC CAR, so it doesn’t need gasoline as fuel. Also TESLA has a seats that can recline into an almost completely horizontal position! When you travel long distances (more than you can on a battery charge) it will show you where to stop to recharge. And auto pilot can help “beat” the long distances, because the car will actually drive itself!  Of course, you still need to keep an eye on the road but autopilot will do most of work for you. BUT, don’t use it in the city. Though it can recognize the road and make small turns and adjustments, it can’t turn from one street to another and it doesn’t recognize traffic lights… at least not yet.So now, it up to you to tell me what you think. Is the Tesla a masterpiece or a failure?  In my opinion is that TESLA is a masterpiece!

Bye Cougars!

Image result for tesla model 3
TESLA “Model 3”
TESLA “Model X” with open doors


Image result for tesla model s on charger
TESLA “Model S” on charger
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