Which is Bigger by area? Kazakhstan vs. Algeria! Part 1

9 or 10? 10 or 9? Read to find out


Greetings Cushman!

Which country in the world do you think is the biggest? How do you think what country in the world is the biggest? If you think it’s Russia, you correct! Russia has more landmass than any other nation in the world and stretches all the way from the Baltic sea to Alaska. But the world isn’t only made up of Russia. There are 195 countries around the world! Two of them are Kazakhstan and Algeria. These are two very different countries in two very different places. But, which one of them is bigger? Please write your opinion in the comments below, and I’ll follow up with the answer to which one is bigger in the article “Who is Bigger? U.S.A vs. China”. It might not be the one you think!



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Bye Cougars!

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