Electoral college-our voices ignored!

Iakov, Editor

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Greetings Cushman! Our country is a democracy. Or a “democracy”?

When we voting for a presidents, we are voting along side the “elector college”. But while elections, the president is chosen by THEIR votes, not ours! In the elections 2016, the Clinton was ahead of Trump by PEOPLE, but by votes of electoral college, won Trump! Voices of people aren’t have any power! When we voting we want our voices to be heard! But if our votes don’t mean anything, can the U.S be a country of “true democracy”?

If our votes were counted along side electoral college, may be than our voices would be heard… Think about it. May be you have your own opinion on this topic. May be, in the future, we will make our voices heard!

Bye cougars!

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