Which is Bigger by area? India vs. Argentina! Part 3

South vs. Super South


Iakov Bardin, Editor

First read articles “Kazakhstan vs. Algeria” and “U.S.A. vs. China”!






Greetings Cushman! Remember article “Who is BIGger? U.S.A vs. China”? Well, the winner in that article is… U.S.A! This was second article of “Who is BIGger” series. BUT, not last!

Our next article is about India and Argentina! I know you would go to the internet and look for it. But please, play fair without internet or any other sources of information. Use your luck and memory!

Left comments under this article with your opinion, and I’ll see it. In next article, I’ll post the answer, as usual. The answer might be not the one you think about!

Bye Cougars!

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