Fortnite vs. Minecraft



Fortnite vs. Minecraft! Both games are good, but, which one better?

Samuel Munera, Editor

Fortnite vs. Minecraft, which is the more awesome game?

If you’re a kid and you haven’t played Fortnite or Minecraft before, you might not know which to choose or why. Is one better than the other? Are there things you can build or do with one that you can’t do with the other? Here’s the breakdown:

Minecraft lets you:

1.Build freely at your own will and create anything you can imagine

2. Play with friends

3. Go at your own pace in the game because there is no rush to do anything

4. Choose between the two different modes survival and creative

5. Anyone can play because there is no age restriction

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Fortnite lets you:

1. Build, which is a new concept for most battle royal games

2. One vs. one your friends to see who is better

3. Fortnite does have an age restriction because it has guns, BUT its all animated so there’s no blood or gore

4. Play creative, one of the newer modes and build something, although it can get a bit boring.

5. Just use it as a phone and talk to your friends


Now, I know there are a lot of parents and teacher that probably don’t think we should be playing either. But, there are some good things about video games. Really! Here they are:

1. They can talk to their friends online and maybe create new relationships through them

2. Have fun with their friends and not bother you while you’re working

3.Be really happy in this virtual world that people created for them


Overall, i cant really say which is better because it would be completely based on my opinion so with all this new information you now have YOU decide which is better! Don’t let me do it for you. Think about it.

So, here’s the good news, I know you adults are all really worried about us playing all of these games, but maybe we’ll be able to do some really cool things because of it, like go to Mars, negotiate world peace and cure cancer. Wouldn’t that be cool?

They aren’t that bad, seriously, let it go.


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