Aladdin Comes to Cushman

Aladdin Comes to Cushman

Danny Buckwell, Jr. Chief Editor

The middle school play is coming up soon and you might have some questions. Maybe you want to know what it is or when it is. If you do, I have the answers.

To start, the play will be “Aladdin.” It will be on Nov. 6th and 7th and it will be at the MTC Theatre (Miami Theatre Center). Auditions have been held for all the characters and you have to be in the theatre elective to be in the play. Although there has been auditions, I still don’t know who will be who.  Regardless, it will be a really fun play.

Last year the middle school play was “Shrek.” According to everybody that went, it was amazing. Ms. Ostrowski said, “It was so funny and I didn’t want to leave.” If Shrek was that good, imagine how good Aladdin will be. Be sure to get tickets and come with your magic carpet!




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