Why Minecraft isn’t like other video games

Monogram of Minecraft. This game is popular in the world, and different from other games.


Monogram of Minecraft. This game is popular in the world, and different from other games.

Jalen Kotalik, Reporter

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Hello Everyone! I’m back on the Cushman Chronicle and I have been playing a lot of Minecraft over the summer and I have been having a lot of people say that Minecraft is addicting and bad for you and I am not going to lie it is very fun but it isn’t as violent as other game titles like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. Minecraft can be very relaxing and you can play at your own pace, mining diamonds at 5 but have dinner in 5 minutes? Just Save & Quit and do what you need to do and come back. Minecraft comes in 6 editions, Minecraft Java (PC), Minecraft Bedrock (Windows 10, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Phone), It also comes on PS4 but not with Bedrock cross-play. Minecraft can be at a fast pace as well, about a month ago me and my friends started a world and we beat the end boss in about 2 weeks.  If you let your child(ren) play Minecraft make sure she/he has friends to play with because it’s better with friends! Also, keep your child(ren) on a certain time just so they don’t end up playing for hours at a time. Minecraft can also be used as a artist tool as well. Here is a example: Image result for a kingdom made in minecraft

I did not make this but it is a example of how you can use Minecraft as a creative tool. If you believe that Minecraft is addicting let your child(ren) try it out. Oh one last thing! Minecraft isn’t what I would call “free” haha on your mobile device is about $7, for other versions it’s about $20. I hope this article on help not having parents and teachers disliking Minecraft.

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