President Trump’s Big Mistake


Marcos, Reporter

Over the past few weeks, President Donald Trump has been threatened with impeachment. Here’s why. On July 25th, Donald Trump called the president of Ukraine. He wanted dirt on Joe Biden (a 2020 election candidate) and his son. He chose to call the president of Ukraine because Joe Biden’s son had done a job in Ukraine for a while. These actions were wrong because a President of the United States should not be able to use our military and our money to benefit his re-election. What he did then was already wrong, but he took it a step further, on every phone call he takes, someone is listening in. (Don’t worry they are hired by the government.) This person is called a whistle blower. Their job is to listen in on important information and find out if the president is doing something illegal or unethical. During the phone call, the whistle blower found the President’s conversation with Ukraine’s President suspicious. He wrote a Whistle blower’s complaint. By law, the complaint should go to congress but Donald Trump didn’t allow it to. Will Donald Trump be impeached? Time will tell.

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