Social Media… The Pros and Cons.


Gemma Bucci, Editor

There are many types of social media. They are used by billions of people all over the world. Profiles can be used for anything you want! But while these platforms can be used for amazing ideas, they can also hurt many people.

TikTok, for example, is an app where you can make short videos with your own voice or over a different audio. Most are about lip singing to music and making funny jokes. But some people say some offensive things that are targeted towards one person or a group of people. This app’s audience is also targeted towards kids so people who downloaded need to know that they might see some hurtful things on there.

Other media like Instagram and Twitter are used by many children as well, but their audience is targeted to older teens. Instagram is mostly about posting pictures and Twitter is more about comments.

Snapchat is very different compared to the others. On Snapchat, it is focused more on messaging people and posting on your story. So instead of having an account where people can look at things you posted from any time, things posted on Snapchat only last 24 hours. You also have a “snapscore”, which shows how many things you posted on your story and how many snaps you sent to people.

While all of these apps seem completely different, they are all based around the same idea. They are all about posting things for people all over the world to see. The goal of many people is to get likes, followers, and attention. Some people, however, use their accounts as a mask to hide behind and hurt others.

This is known as cyberbullying. A bigger problem is that, yes, even though some users know to ignore comments that might offend them, but other users might not. Especially people who are also being bullied in real life. So, if you are a person who does this online, you should think about how the person who is receiving the comment feels.

Before you download any type of social media, you should check with a parent to make sure it’s appropriate for you to have it. If you do have social media, always remember to ignore rude comments and not to make comments that hurt others.

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