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Garry Bardin

Garry Bardin. Famous cartoonist was born in 1941, and now he is grandfather!


Garry Bardin. Famous cartoonist was born in 1941, and now he is grandfather!

Do you know who is Garry Bardin? No? That’s OK. He is a famous producer of cartoons that are seen around the world. He also is my grand father.

Garry Yakovlevich Bardenshtein was born on September 11, 1941, during the World War II. He was born in the Soviet city of Chkalov (now Orenburg). His father – my great-grandfather, named also Iakov – was fighting at the front at that time.
Since his childhood Garry had dreamed of becoming an actor.

After turning 18, Garry started his military service in the Soviet Army. And 2 years later the dream of Garry Bardenshtein came true – he became an artist at the Gogol Theater in Moscow. Working at the theater (and playing pranks on director) Garry made his first career step. Soon he started working at the most famous children’s theater in Moscow and Russia: the Puppet Theater of Obraztsov. After 3 years of serving at this theater, in 1974 Garry Yakovlevich was invited to work at the Soviet and Russian cartoon company “SOYUZMULTFILM”.

A year later Garry  made his first cartoon “Reach the Sky”. During 15 years, from 1975 to 1990, Garry Bardin (Bardenshtein) and his team made 15 cartoons including “The Flying Ship” and “The Road Tale”.

Around that time Garry changed his last name from Bardenshtein to Bardin. In 1988, Garry Bardin and his cartoon “Quirks” won the most prestigiuos prize of the Cannes Film Festival  “The Golden Palm Branch” .

After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, Garry Bardin created his own studio “STAYER”. In the course of 29 years Garry Bardin and his team made just 8 movies, but among them there were such masterpieces like the three series of “Chucha” and `”The Ugly Duckling”


In 1992 Disney company offered him employment, but Garry Bardin didn’t take this opportunity.



In 1975 Pavel Bardin was born by wife of Garry, Marina Gerulaytis.

Today, Garry has three grandchildren: Katya, who is drawing very good; Lyuba, who may become a great musician; and me.

Right now, Garry Bardin is making his next cartoon.

Bye Cougars.

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