Are We On the Right Track?

Are cars driving us to a worse world? What are they doing to us and our planet?


Adobe Stock, Sergiy Serdyuk

Cars are one of the main sources of Air Pollution. We need to save the world!

Jasmin Rossi, News Editor

We all use a car, every day, whether if it’s to get back and forth from school, drive to sports and activities, complete our daily duties such as grocery shopping, or pick up the kids. In this world of emerging, state-of-the-art inventions, we’re thriving for new. New technology. But new, isn’t always better. New technology doesn’t only include the newest Apple iPhones, but cars as well. Though, even after decades and decades with cars on earth, what are they actually doing to, not only our blue planet, but also to us?

First, cars consume a lot of energy, even before they hit the road. The materials used to make a car leave a monumental footprint already. Then, even when your car breaks down, it will still leave its toxic battery acids, plastics, and much more in the environment. Fuel costs also don’t help much. Pretty much everything about a car, …isn’t good.

But surprisingly enough, some car brands are just worse than others. Some have even done things that are illegal. For example, major German car companies such as BMW, Volkswagen, and Daimler got together to limit the development and roll out of emission cleaning for passenger cars sold in Europe from 2006 to 2014. In April of 2017, a US federal judge even ordered Volkswagen to pay a $2.8 billion criminal fine for cheating emission tests. But it’s not just German car companies, it’s also American, Japanese and other countries’ too!

Have you ever seen a Nissan before? Well, guess what? They cheated their emission test, too. Chevrolet? According to Road and Track, yes, them too! And there’s more, many, many, more. But, there’s nothing much to say, except that it’s absurd.

If you were to fast forward to 2050, you would most likely not recognize the Earth. And you wouldn’t be able to go back in time. That’s it. It’s gone. It’s a disaster. And, there’s no changing it. We all do things that are bad for the Earth, every day, but that’s not the point. The problem is that what these car companies are doing is unacceptable.

You are never expected to just abandon your car and never use it again, the thing is, you need it. But, whenever you aren’t in a rush, and have the chance not to use your car, take a minute to think about the other ways transportation you could use. Bike, walk, take a bus, the possibilities are endless! And the best thing is that you’ll make a small, but big, impact.

Help! The world is screaming for it!