Friend’s quiz

Friend's quiz

Iakov Bardin, Editor

Greetings Cushman!

Do you want to be friends with me? Yes? That’s great! And there my first step-I made quiz so we could know each other better!

I gave you a book. What you’ll do?

a. Ask if you can read it now.

b. Take it home, read, and say your opinion.

c. Don’t take that book.

d. Take home, try to read, and say that you (don’t) liked it.

Your favorite activity is:

a. Playing computer games.

b. Reading.

c. Watching TV.

d. Playing sports.

Your least favorite activity is:

a. Doing chores.

b. Wake up.

c. Going to school.

d. Doing homework.

Your favorite school periods is:

a. English and Latin.

b. Earth Space and US. History.

c. Spanish and Latin.

d. Other.


If you get more A’s, than you and I have many things in common and we will be good friends.

If you get more B’s, than we have a lot in common, and we will be GREAT friends!

If you get more C’s, than we don’t have much in common, and it will be hard for us to cooperate, but we still can be friends.

If you get more D’s, than we have less in common than I thought, but we can be good friends.

Bye Cougars!


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