Is the Current Schooling Calendar Outdated?

The current schooling calendar in the US is unbalanced, why not replace it, and adopt a year round schooling calendar like other major developed nations.

The Current Schooling Calendar compared to a more balance schooling calendar.

Lord Toussaint, Admin

Some argue that the current schooling calendar of the United States is out-dated, and that it should switch to a year round school calendar, like Australia and Japan. Which would mean ending summer break. Despite how horrifying that might sound, to me, it’s still a very interesting idea. So, I decided to analyze the validity of this argument and what points are raised to justify it.

First of all, in the modern day, people have forgotten the true purpose of summer break. The true purpose of summer break was for children to help harvest crops for the winter, and this is no longer necessary. Child labor is illegal, and America is not the agrarian nation it used to be.

Secondly, it has been shown that summer break is bad for low income families. This is because many families can’t afford to pay for summer daycare services for such a long amount of time, which results in parents having to leave their children home alone.

Thirdly, a summer break does not prepare students for a realistic working life. Since most workers only have around two weeks of payed leave per year, at best. Which is a fraction of a summer break.

Fourthly, it has been proven that during summer break, students forget large amounts of what they learned in the previous year, which results in teachers having to spend time reviewing things that they should not have to. This is time that could be used by teachers to introduce new subjects instead of re-learning previously mastered subjects.

Fifthly, the current school calendar is unbalanced, with periods of up to three months without a significant break. This creates a sense of never-ending work. In order to really create a balanced schedule, the days of summer and the current breaks should be split into multiple large breaks for every season of the year. There would be a month-long summer break, a fifteen-day fall break, a fifteen-day long winter break, and fifteen-day long spring break. That would result in four 45-day increments of schooling throughout the year instead of the current unbalanced system.

Sixthly, due to the current school calendar, the most expensive travel season is the most popular travel season, summer! This costs consumers money! If the year-round school calendar were enacted, then there would be multiple windows for families could travel throughout the year. This could help lower airfare rates and would also have a greater impact on tourism dependent economies, as their main source of income would be more evenly distributed throughout the year. This would have a long-term positive impact on the global economy.

While researching this topic, it became clear to me that the current schooling calendar has far too many shortcomings for it to be the norm. Replacing it would not only benefit students and teachers in the short term, it would benefit them, the rest of world, and the global economy in a long-term positive manner.

What do you think?


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