Why do We Need Army Forces?

Want peace-prepare for war...

We needed, need, and will need army... for lots of reasons.


We needed, need, and will need army... for lots of reasons.

Iakov Bardin, Editor

Greetings Cushman! Why do we have an army? Why do we spend money on Army? Wouldn’t it be easier to live without it? Should we rely on police or militia? I will answer on them all, today and now, in this article! Read carefully.

There is a famous saying:”If you want peace, prepare for the war”. What does it mean?

We need an army. Strong Army=Strong Country.

To understand it, you need to know the answer to another question: “What do we need the Army forces for?”. Your answers might be, “To fight in wars”, “To threat others”, and so on. Yes, leaders are using army forces for fighting in wars, but this isn’t the main reason why we need the Army. Without the Army we cannot protect ourselves from invasions. Without the Army others might invade this country. We can rely on the police, but the Army is much more effective! People in any country without an army will feel that there is no power to stop riots. So more and more people will revolt against government and fight each other. It is like building a house: if you start to furnish your house before building strong walls and doors with a secure lock, everything will be stolen or broken. The same thing with the country. The country is the house, the Army is the walls, roof and lock. Hospitals, roads, offices, schools, factories, shops etc. are furniture. The rule is very simple: no walls, no furniture.

Soldiers on march.

So, the phrase “If you want peace-prepare for the war” means that you need to prepare very well against probable invaders so that they wouldn’t start another war. A strong Army means that other countries will never even think to attack you.

Bye Cougars!


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