Pinocchio’s Tips

Tips to help you find out if someone is lying…


Jasmin Rossi, News Editor

Have you ever told a lie? If you said no, then you just lied. The truth is, we all have lied, and that’s not good, but we’re human, so you will lie many times in your life.

Now, before reading this, just remember that you are not at encouraged all to lie. You really shouldn’t lie, but, if you want to know if someone is lying to you, follow these handy tips, and you will become a professional lie-detector.

Let’s start!

Lie detection number one: The person is showing grooming behaviors (such as playing with their hair or pressing their fingers to their lips).

Lie detection number two: The person is speaking in sentence fragments such as saying “I…was at the…pool and…it happened.”

Lie detection number three: The person is repeating questions. For example, if you asked a person if they stole a cookie from the jar and they say: “Did I steal a cookie from the jar? No…uh…why would I do that?” There might be a problem.

Lie detection number four: The person is being vague; and offering few details.

Lie detection number five: There is a pause or delay before the person starts speaking. If you asked a criminal if they robbed a gas station on this day seven years ago, and there is a pause before they start speaking, they are likely lying.

Lie detection number six: A person who hides their mouth and/or eyes while speaking may be lying.

These lie detections may not work for everybody, so they are not always 100 percent accurate, but they do give you a pretty good instinct and can really help you find out the whole truth. Because, really, you can’t always count on a growing nose to tell you if someone is lying!