Student Government Elections 2019-2020!


Gemma Bucci, Author

On Wednesday the sixteenth of October, the sixth and seventh grade presidential candidates gave their speeches to the school at flag. The sixth grade presidential candidates were Sydney Rodriguez, Iakov Bardin, and Daniel Buckwell. The seventh grade presidential candidates were Lleyton Tree and  Jasmin Rossi. On Thursday the seventeenth of October, all eighth grade candidates gave their speeches during flag. The eighth grade presidential candidate was Lily Chang. For all school vice president, the candidate was Lucas Armando. For treasure, the candidates were Elektra Lang-Willar and Maxime Celea. Lastly, Linden Schweiger was the candidate for secretary. Voting for each office took place on Friday and the winners were announced later that day. The winning candidates for grade presidents are Iakov Bardin (sixth grade) , Jasmin Rossi (seventh grade) , and Lily Chang (eighth grade). Lucas Armando was elected unopposed as all school vice president. Maxime Celea was elected as treasure and Linden Schweiger was elected unopposed as secretary.

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