How a High-school kid “Rick Rolled” his science class.


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Linden Schweiger, Secretary of the Chronicle

Dear fellow Cougars, Its Linden it seems like I haven’t published forever! I’ve been managing the front page of the chronicle and everything behind the scenes, but that’s, not the point today were going over a youtube video I found about a High-Schooler rickrolling his class which is the act of surprising an audience with the song “Never gonna give you up” (see below for song), so lets get into it!

Were not given the name within the video but his YT name is 007pranksterman obviously applying that he pranks a lot. Checking out his YT channel he does have some prank videos but mainly football videos (don’t get mad if it’s not football, im not a sports guy) So what Im aware of is in the video he was in science class giving a presentation about group 4a and carbon (I had no idea what it means but its some type of project)  Basically the video starts of with his presentation and at the end a youtube link I feel his teacher must have felt this is about his project so he was given permission to use show the video, and out of nowhere a popular 80’s disco man was singing on the projector screen, his teacher at the end let them watch the full video, but if your interested check it out.

Thank you for checking out my first article in a while hopefully I find more stupid yet funny youtube videos I can write about that’s it, for now, thank you for reading.

check out the original video

check out the song


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