The Deadly Dangers of Vaping



By now you know what this piece is about, I practically told you in the title. You may be thinking: same old same old I hear this vaping stuff and not to do it everyday. But, hang on for five more minutes and read, this epidemic is serious. Very Serious. Over the past few years, a new epidemic has spread. This epidemic is called vaping. It originally started as a tool to help smokers quit. As time went on, companies like JUUL decided to start selling flavors. When flavors are added, kids are interested. It’s kind of like coffee, you don’t want those nasty beans, you prefer a Cookies n Creme Frappuchino from Starbucks. This made smoking open to anyone. Teenagers began to try it. Then, after one puff they were addicted. All vape pens have a dangerous and addictive chemical inside them called Nicotine. This chemical makes you want to keep doing it. It wants you to vape more. The more you vape, the more the companies make. If someone keeps bugging you and telling you “one puff c’mon try it it’s great” tell them no. Did you know someone died after one try? Once you vape there is no escape. It would take the most knowledgable and caring person to stop vaping, that may not even be enough! In conclusion, DON’T vape.

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