Why Pollution Should Be Stopped?

Future that slipping out of our hands...

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Greetings Cushman! We know that we should worry about climate change, but should we worry about pollution?

The answer is “Yes!”, we should worry about it! Let’s talk about two kinds of pollution.

  • Air pollution produces 2 types of gas — those that do harm in the lower atmosphere, and the ones that do harm in the stratosphere. Ozone (O3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon dioxide (CO2) do harm in the lower atmosphere. They can form smog, induce lung cancer and other diseases. While on the other hand chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) ozone-depleting substances (ODS) do harm in the stratosphere. They can cause destruction of the ozone layer and open ways to the ultra-violet light. Then we will live in the world of never-ending-days-of-sunburns-and-skin-cancer+never-ending-diseases-and-lung-cancer-and-dirty-air-world. I don’t think that we want to live in that world!

Air pollution from factories

  • Water pollution-like oil spills and other chemicals-can block the flow of oxygen into the water. As a result the fish, crabs, crayfish and other organisms may die out. Then harmful bacteria will start to eat their bodies. And then they will release harmful fumes -like CO2 and hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-into  the atmosphere. The result will be even more air pollution and/or poisoning from H2S. Another way for this to happen is when factories pour off too much hot water into lakes, ponds, rivers etc. Then, life starts reproducing itself too fast. But the result will be the same: the flow of oxygen into the water is blocked, fauna is dead, bacteria start eating the dead bodies and release CO2 and H2S.

Water pollution is major problem for marine sea life!

Do you want to live in the world of pollution? The answer is “No”. So, what can we do to stop it? the answer is simple: reuse and recycle stuff; use electric and hybrid cars; move from one place to another on public transportation, on your feet and bicycles and less on cars; turn off the lights and water when you don’t use it; use the shower and not the bath; and use less hot water, tell other people about this danger, plant trees.

We can change everything!

Bye Cougars!