Middle School Love: Yay or Nay?

Is having a relationship at a young age a good or bad thing? What are the pros and cons? How could they affect your life?

Is having a relationship at a young age a good or bad thing? What are the pros and cons? How could they affect your life?

Jasi Rossi and Luni Molla

Love. What comes to mind? A heart, the color red, or maybe even your best friend! But what do you think about middle school love? Or having a boyfriend/girlfriend? What comes to mind then?

So many people have different opinions about having a significant other in middle school, so Jasmin and I decided to find out:


Jasmin: I believe that children between the ages of eleven and thirteen are still growing and experiencing many new things. Children in this age group are discovering their talents, so it is natural that big(ger) questions start coming to mind. That’s normal, and that’s okay, but in my opinion, a child that is in this age group should be thinking about more important matters, such as school, hobbies, and family. After all, you’re still young at this age, aren’t you? 


Lord: Flat out, they may not be the best idea, if mishandled. There are four variables that dictate the success of a relationship. Proximity, frequency, duration, and intensity. What does this mean, well, I’ll explain. The first necessity is proximity, which means that the two individuals must interact often in order for things to work, think about it this way if two people are on separate continents, then a relationship won’t work because they are not interacting enough. It’s logic, at least you’d think. The second variable, frequency, is how frequently the individuals interact with one another. The third variable, duration, is how long the interaction lasts. The fourth variable, intensity, is how much “emotion” is in the relationship and in the time spent together. The time spent together can’t be bland, it must be engaging, in terms of conversation.


Iakov: My opinion is that having a relationship(s) is good. People should be nice to each other. The relationships can help. Middle school is a place where we meet with other people. If people want relationships, they should have them. 


Mr. Perez: Relationships in middle school are super important because this is where kids start to build real relationships on their own, separate from their family’s influence. How kids navigate relationships at this age is the start of how they’ll navigate them for the rest of their lives. 


Luna: Really, I think that if you want to be in a relationship in middle school (romantically), go for it! Just don’t take anything too seriously: The majority of middle school relationships don’t last, anyway! So enjoy them, because this is the time of your life when you will establish your relationships and have fun!


So there you have it. Maybe your opinion is different! Tell us in the comments! Have a great day, Cougars!



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