Wildfires in California


Gemma Bucci

There have always been fires in California. Its dry climate and weather makes it almost impossible to prevent them. But, are there more fires now than there used to be?

In 2018, 8,527 fires had been recorded in California. This year, there have been 6,402 fires, so far. This number is still growing every single day. On July 27, 2018, the largest fire ever recorded in the state’s history broke out. The Mendocino Complex Fire burned 459,123 acres and destroyed 280 buildings. The largest fire in 2019 was the Kincade Fire. It burnt about 54,300 acres and ruined 94 structures. So, does any of this have to do with global warming.

According to National Geographic, California has gotten 3 degrees warmer. The hot air dries up more water and leaves drier plants and trees. These plants are then more likely to catch fire and spread. Right now, California is going through a huge drought. This means there is very little rain and water. This make the environment prone to more and bigger fires.

There is a lot being done to prevent these fires. Today, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection are working on 35 fire protection projects. These include removing dead trees and clearing brush near roads. However, so far, the fires are only getting worse. If the temperatures keep on rising and the amount of water keeps on decreasing there are just going to be too many fires to handle and contain. At some point its going to be hard to ever prevent the possibility of a wildfire again.


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