Current Electricity: How can we get it?

How do we get power?

Greetings Cushman! Do you remember article “DC vs. AC”? We know how AC is better than DC, but we don’t know how can we get it. So, how we get AC and DC?

First, we need to know, what does DC and AC mean and what difference between them. DC means Direct Current and AC means Alternating Current. DC always flow in one direction, while AC changes directions. It usually happening 60 times a minute.

According to BrainPop “DC are used in batteries, solar panels and fuel cells. AC can be made from wind power, moving water (turbine) and  burning fossil fuels”.

As you remember, AC is the current, that comes out from our power sockets. So how AC is made?

A turbine is spinning from: smoke from burning fossil fuels, wind or moving water. attached to the turbine, there is a metal “stick”. This “stick” is placed in a magnetic field. When it spins, it creates two things-AC and magnetic field of its own. Beside, there is an electric wire. When a magnetic field from “stick” “touch” the wire, it creates AC in it.

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