Why are we Polluting our School?

Iakov Bardin

Iakov Bardin, Author

Today, I don’t want to greet polluters. Yes, you polluting! If you would clean up the school,

I would not only greet you, but make you be proud of yourself!

Why are you throwing trash on the ground? You too lazy to walk to garbage can? You don’t understand how throwing trash on the ground can be bad? You don’t notice that you trash is ending up on the ground? Whatever the reason, you polluting our school!

If we continue polluting our school with garbage, squirrels might eat it and die. We don’t want them to die. We need to stop pollute and start clean our school. We will thank ourselves later. Visitors will be happy to see clean “natural floor” of our school. We will help environment by recycling stuff that could end up on the mulch in our school. Squirrels will not die from eating trash that we could throw away. And you will not get in trouble for littering. Do the same thing, as Mr. Perez!

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