Electromagnetic Spectrum-what is it?

Learn more about types of radiation!



The Electromagnetic Spectrum. This graph shows the waves from the least energetic (on the left) to most energetic (on the right).

Today, I decided to write an article about Electromagnetic Spectrum. So, what is it?

According to the BrainPop “The Electromagnetic Spectrum is just a name for a bunch types of radiation”. The Electromagnetic Spectrum can show us the wave length of those radiation types and how energetic they are.

The weakest type of radiation is called “Radio waves”. They are used in radio and TV. The “AM” are the least energetic waves, “FM” uses medium and TV uses high energetic waves. This waves can’t do any harm on their own.

The next in “line” are Microwaves. Those are used in airplane radar-systems and (of course) in microwave-stoves. They can’t do any harm on their own.

The third type of radiation is Infrared light. This type of light is rejected from the ground into atmosphere. It is also used in TV remotes to send signals to your TV. This type of light can’t do harm on its own.

Finally there is Visible light. Unless you are looking directly at it, it can’t do any harm on its own. From the least energetic to the most energetic, the colors of Visible light are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Bright-blue, Blue and Violet.

The next type of radiation CAN be harmful on its own. It is Ultraviolet light. In large doses, it can cause skin cancer — not the result you want. Good news — most of those light waves are blocked by the ozone layer.

Then there are X-rays! The small amount of X-rays is used to see what bone is broken and where it is broken. X-rays easily pass through the flesh, but it’s harder for them to pass through a bone. But in large doses, it can really harm your health.

Finally, there are Gamma-rays. They usually occur naturally  on Earth (in REALLY small doses) and/or in the stars (especially when they (the stars) explode). They also can be created in nuclear explosions. They can mess up with DNA, and lead to death in large doses.

If we scared you-don’t worry! Gamma rays blocked by the atmosphere. Plus, a special organization called “Nuclear Club” banned the use of nuclear bombs in space, air and water.

Bye Cougars!

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