Which Is More Popular? “Beach” Edition! South Beach vs. Huntington Beach

Which is more popular? Vote in comments!



Two beaches in two states! Which is more popular? Read and guess!

Greetings Cushman! Do you remember the article “Barcelona vs. Real Madrid” and which is the most popular soccer team? Well, the answer is… BARCELONA (actual stats)!

Today we will talk about beaches (I know, it is funny)! Two beaches in the USA that are the two most visited are: South Beach in Miami Beach, FL (seriously?) and Huntington Beach (in Huntington Beach, CA!).

South-Beach. East Coast rules!

In this article, the Cushman Chronicle decided to compare this two beaches. What do YOU think, which is the most visited (and popular)?


West Coast does not give up easily!

Bye Cougars!

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