The Ultimate 2019 Christmas Movie Bucket List

Luna Molla, Grand Empress, Editor In Chief

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Have you ever just sat there, in front of your TV, aimlessly scrolling through movies on Netflix? And then, just given up because you could never figure out what to watch (and getting sick of arguing with your brother or sister on what to watch!).

Well, give up no more, Cougars!! This is the ultimate holiday movie bucket list (for all ages!).

The Ultimate 2019 Christmas Movie Bucket List


-The Christmas Chronicles


-Elliot (The Littlest Reindeer)

-The Grinch 

-A Christmas Carol

-Elf on The Shelf: An Elf’s Story

-A Christmas Prince

-Home Alone (1,2, and 3)

-Deck The Halls

-The Nightmare Before Christmas

– The Polar Express


-A Christmas Carol

-The Holiday Calendar

-Rise of the Guardians

-A Christmas Story

-The Santa Clause

-Miracle on 34th Street 

-Jingle All The Way

-I’ll Be Home For Christmas


-Mickey’s Christmas Carol


Well, there you have it! A superb list of movies to accompany the Ultimate 2019 Christmas Bucket List. Enjoy!!