Christmas of 1914. The Great and Sad Truth.

The heart-breaking story of the real humanity.

The great story, how humanity took over the greed and anger and War.

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The great story, how humanity took over the greed and anger and War.

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The year 1914, was one of the most tragic years in the history. But, it was also a year when something extraordinary happened. An example of humanity and kindness which showed itself in the midst of all the inhumanity.

World War I was raging in Europe. This would be the seed of: the bloody Russian Civil War, the fall of the British Empire, Fascism, World War II and lots more. But, the Christmas of 1914, was one of the most heart-breaking, sad, and great moments in the history of the entire world.

In each theater of the war, soldiers wanted peace. Russians, Austro-Hungarias, Germans, Italians, French and British soldiers wanted an end to the fighting. In France, British soldiers were in the trenches that were just a few hundred feet away from the Germans. But on both sides, soldiers were getting ready for Christmas. Getting presents from their families, decorating fir-trees, eating, and wishing each other “Merry Christmas.”

The picture says everything.

Nobody knows, who stepped out of the trench first. The only information we have is that it was a German soldier. A few other people stepped out too. They knew what they were risking. They could have been killed by the enemy, or their own military. But, it was Christmas, and no shots were fired. Both sides put their firearms down, exchanged gifts and played soccer (football) matches of up to 50 people on each side. And that’s how began the Christmas Truce of the Year 1914.   And this didn’t happened only in France, but all over the fronts in Russia, France, and Italy.

The generosity and kindness came in those, great days.

After the Christmas of 1914, commanders of the armies tried to prevent Christmas. But, in 1914, they couldn’t.  Humanity beat greed and anger, and replaced it with generosity and kindness.

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