Top Ten Cutest Dressed Up Pets! (Holiday Edition)


The holidays are a wonderful time of the year for everyone. But that doesn’t only include people, adorable animals and pets also can enjoy these celebrations. Here are a list of the cutest animals dressed up for the holiday season.


10. Number ten on our list in a small hamster dressed in a tiny felt elf costume.











9. Number nine features a cute brown dg in his adorable reindeer outfit.


8. Next we have a white cat in her beautiful angel costume.








7. Number seven shows the silly penguin in its Christmas tree costume.












6. Number six on this list is this shy guinea pig in her Santa hat headband!











5. We are halfway through and this small fizzy cat in her winter sweater takes fifth place.











4. Net we have this cute ferret hiding in his Holiday themed sock!



3. We are almost at the end of our list, and the lucky pet to take third place is this fluffy rabbit in her Christmas hat and dress.















2. Number two shows a cute dog in his Christmas tree costume filled with lights and even a star on top of his head.













1. Finally, the pet that takes first place on the list is this adorable small puppy in the cutest snowman costume ever!
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