The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Sally: [dictating her letter to Santa Claus as Charlie Brown writes it for her] Dear Santa Claus, How have you been? Did you have a nice summer? [Charlie Brown looks at her] Sally: How is your wife? I have been extra good this year, so I have a long list of presents that I want. Charlie Brown: Oh brother. ~ A Charlie Brown Christmas

Dont know what gift to get! Dont worry! This ultimate gift guide is perfect for anyone!


Don’t know what gift to get! Don’t worry! This ultimate gift guide is perfect for anyone!

Jasmin Rossi, News Reporter

Let’s face it. Gift shopping is hard. Like, really hard. Everyone likes different things, and just when you think you found the perfect present, you realize your family member or friend already has it (because they have it all).

Now, let’s not start with the kids (sorry, students), but they can be hard to shop for. Siblings? So hard. Parents? Well, they love everything, but even that takes planning. Wait! Am I making you more scared? Don’t worry! Here is the ultimate gift guide to the most wanted presents for any age!


This crazy beanie is unlike any you’ve ever seen! With its built-in Bluetooth speakers, you (or the recipient of this awesome gift) can listen to tunes on the go while staying warm. Great, right?


  • Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager:[artid|2089.g.376[src|[ch|[lt|sale

This relaxing gift is perfect for anyone in your life who could use a break. Hint: your parents!


  • Intelex Cozy Body Slippers:[artid|2089.g.376[src|[ch|[lt|

These cuties are perfect for the person who loves to be comfortable. Unlike ordinary slippers, these can be put in the microwave, to keep your feet nice and warm on the colder days. Plus, they come in different colors and styles!


  • LARQ Self Cleaning Water Bottle:

It can often be hard to find filtered water when you’re out and about. However, have no fear, because the LARQ water bottle is here! This bottle is USB-rechargeable and is insulated. It also uses a UV-C LED light which purifies 99.99% of contaminants.


  • WowWee Fingerlings Baby Unicorn:[artid|2089.g.376[src|[ch|[lt|

Geared toward the younger crowd, Fingerlings are always a fun gift. Unicorns are not the only type of Fingerling available on the market, so keep your eyes open for them! This fingerling uses sensors to interact with people. How cute! They’re also relatively affordable!


  • Terrarium Candle:

If you know a certain person who loves plants, but struggles to keep them alive, this is the perfect gift! It is a “candle-flower” and is extremely alluring. It is a perfect gift for any lover of beautiful things!


  • Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat:[artid|2089.g.376[src|[ch|[lt|

This smart yoga mat talks the user through its practice, and just takes one click to roll it up right away without having to move a finger (or almost one)! The technology works when paired with Women’s Health Yoga on Amazon Alexa. This incredible mat is the perfect gift for any fitness guru and comes in two colors; coral and charcoal!


  • 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

This gift, which is perfect for the bookworm in your life, is a poster with 100 iconic books and will encourage readers to scratch off all titles they’ve read!


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Of course, the list could be endless, but hopefully these gave you some inspiration! Just remember, the most important part of the Holidays, and the most important part of gift shopping is that it comes from your heart! The fact that you are thinking about your gift recipient, and what they might like, whether it’s your family or friend is what makes the Holidays special!

Happy Holidays to all of you! We wish you lots of love, snow, and happiness!

  1. If you know of any great gifts, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section!